Lecture Recital Room, 6 pm

Hans Keller 1919-1985 : A musician in dialogue with his times

Alison Garnham and Susi Woodhouse present their new centenary biography of Hans Keller (published by Routledge) in an evening of music and readings. This book, the first full biography of Keller and the first appearance in print of many of his letters, traces the development of Keller’s thought in response to the new culture in which he found himself after the war. It was a vital period for music in Britain, fuelled by unprecedented public funding and the stimulating effect of pre-war immigration – while at the same time, broadcasting and recording were changing for ever how music was experienced. Keller engaged intensely with everything happening around him and his writings reveal a profound insight into the impact of the changes as they unfolded.

This is the first of the Keller Centenary events and will concentrate on the roots of Keller’s musical thought in Haydn’s string quartets, with illustrations performed by a student quartet from the Guildhall, where Keller taught after his retirement from the BBC. The event will be followed by an informal drinks reception.

Admission free : booking required